Monday, January 31, 2011

Sandwich artist quandries!

Not to let out too much information for identity thieves but YES, I'm an art student and I work at a Deli. AKA, a Sandwich artist~, very AMAZING I know! (applauds)
For anyone that has or does work in the food industry I commend you. I would hug you so hard right now your organs would squeal with mercy because if you ever DO work in the food industry, it's quite honestly like scrapping your teeth and then other times it's quite amusing. The pay is quite low for what I do and it could be better. What I do is make food at a fast rate for people such as yourself, give them a smile, a how are you and make their food with no complaints.

Sometimes I encounter the rare breed of an unhappy, misinformed customer that then throws a fit over the littlest thing. I was quite great today though, I made a huge order for a delivery and did a great job. Prepped food early, got everything out on time and we had no complaints.

We only get the most weirdest complaints from customers in the store. Such as this woman who ordered a salad and thought we served the kind of mixed greens that are supposed to be better than romaine. .....Well sorry lady who I told you we don't have it, but you're over 40 and you could act your age. I can't magically summon better lettuce or greens for you. I'm not at that skill level yet where I can just magically summon food and make you feel better. Also getting pissed off because I asked you if you still wanted to have the salad shouldn't piss you off. Quite honestly I'm thinking of your well being and you can take that into consideration, or you can go find your magical greens from somewhere else. GOOD DAY TO YOU MADAM!